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Escape some of the most majestic landscapes on earth at a sustainable Patagonian eco-lodge.

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Epic landscapes and healthy cuisine are just a few of the things to look forward to on a vacation in South America. One of the many fascinating places on the continent is Patagonia: a lush region between Chile and Argentina that stretches across the legendary Andes.

The remote southern tip of South America is peppered with dramatic peaks, glassy lakes, dense rainforest and vast deserts. It is also home to several unique experiences, from world class stargazing to wonderful wine tastings. You can even extend your Patagonia trip by jumping to nearby Polynesia for a relaxing beach vacation or a visit to enchanting Easter Island.

For those looking to protect the planet during their trip, Patagonia’s virgin landscape is a prime destination for a more sustainable vacation. One thing that definitely comes with sustainable travel in Patagonia is booking a stay at one of the stunning eco-lodges.

From luxurious campsites by the lake to cozy mountain villas with hot tubs and wood-burning stoves, we take a look at some of our most popular eco-lodges in Patagonia.


Located in the Torres del Paine National Park on the Chilean side of Patagonia, the Explora is the ideal eco-hotel for peace and quiet. The reserve in which it is located is nearly 2,000 square kilometers and is dotted with glaciers, high peaks, and beautiful bodies of water that can be easily explored by boat or kayak.

At Explora Patagonia you have the choice between different suites, all of which are equipped with fine furniture and offer a breathtaking view of the majestic mountains. The serene decor is complimented by a lack of technology. The ethos behind the hotel is that you go there to switch off and be one with nature.

Explora also has a number of activity options for its guests. This includes horse trekking through golden grasslands, guided hikes to breathtaking viewpoints and excursions to the over 100 unique bird species of Torres del Paine.

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Another green Patagonia hotel perfect for an eco-conscious escape is Tierra. It is also located in Torres del Paine and its harmonious design allows it to blend in with the dramatic landscape that surrounds it.

Tierra is ideal if you are looking for a luxurious, eco-friendly spa experience. Spend a day in the hotel’s Uma Spa, which has an indoor pool with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Paine massif. Sustainability is at the heart of the hotel and they make a significant contribution to environmental protection efforts in the national park.

When not at the spa, there are numerous excursions to choose from, from kayaking on the lake to biking in the wilderness. When night falls, dine in the hotel’s inviting restaurant, which serves hearty Patagonian cuisine.

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3Patagonia Camp

If you want to go one step further than an eco-lodge in Patagonia, you should definitely book a stay at Patagonia Camp. The luxury campsite is located on the shores of Lake Toro in Torres del Paine and offers the option of staying in private Mongolian-style yurts.

Some of the yurts at Patagonia Camp have cozy decor and glass openings in the ceiling for star gazing. They also have outdoor hot tubs. The 20 yurts are connected by wooden walkways that meander through the forest. All have excellent views over Lake Toro.

Not only can you relax in your yurt and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature, but you can also take advantage of the camp’s guided excursions for all ages and abilities. Fans of unique cuisine will also love the Patagonia Camp’s outdoor gourmet cuisine, which uses local Chilean ingredients.

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Another green Patagonia hotel worth getting on your radar is Awasi. Another lodge in Torres del Paine is completely carbon neutral thanks to the hectares of native forest it protects and preserves.

Secluded and intimate, Awais offers just 12 traditional villas, each carefully designed to blend in with the rural setting. They are also hung on wooden stilts to limit the impact on the environment. Each has a wonderful view of Lake Sarmiento and the region’s famous pampas meadows. A larger lodge houses common areas and Awasi’s restaurant, which grows seasonal produce for all of the delicious local dishes.

Stay in a home away from home and enjoy outdoor adventures with a private guide on horseback, on foot, or by bike. Awasi truly is an oasis with zero neighbors alongside the exceptional local wildlife.

“Patagonia is amazing for the variety it offers. You can hike on your own in the shadow of Fitz Roy, see the incredible Perito Moreno Glacier, and admire the stunning landscapes and mountains of Torres del Paine National Park. It’s a long journey to get to the southern tip of the world – but it’s worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Additionally, there are amazing luxury properties and lodges to pamper yourself in after a day of sightseeing. “

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