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Article last changed – September 7th, 2020

The Freedom Project – Travel Hacking By Wilko van de Kamp

As a Baby Boomer travel, health and fitness blogger, I was recently invited by author Wilko van de Kamp to read one of his latest books from the Freedom Project. The novel is called; The Freedom Project – Travel.

If you are wondering exactly who we Baby Boomers are, be sure to check out my blog homepage introduction on the Gr8 Travel Tips homepage. I give a funny detailed description of who we are, millions of boomers around the world. ????

Well, as a keen traveler, I was excited to have the opportunity to read more about Wilko and his travel experiences over the years.

What I learned from reading the book didn't surprise me at all. In fact, I discovered that when it came to travel, we were similar in many ways.

About the author of the Freedom Project – Travel

The freedom project travel

Wilko is a professional photographer and also a photo artist. He has traveled the world as a professional photographer for many years and continues to do so. He also shares his passion for travel, art, and writing skills as the keynote speaker.

Dutch born Wilko has extensive experience across Europe and currently lives in Canada. He is the exclusive author of this publication and other titles under the Freedom Project.

"My book will inspire many to explore and provide the tools to make dreams a reality."

Another type of – buy a gift

Bonfire in the evening by the sea

I am so impressed that Wilko is using the proceeds from book sales to help the less fortunate in Honduras. Similar to another online book platform I sponsored called Better World Books. They sell used and donated books on their website with proceeds that are used to support literacy, libraries and education around the world with each sale.

"For every copy of Freedom Project book sold, they help provide a child with the best possible education, stimulate their imaginations, and open their minds to the possibility of hope and change!"

For every copy of The Freedom Project books sold, they donate one textbook to a class library in Honduras.

The extraordinary benefits of travel

I've traveled since I was a little boy thanks to wonderful parents who could afford it. In my experience, there is no better education than traveling and experiencing the whole world.

The memories, experiences, and things I have learned from traveling are priceless. ????

Travel inspiration

Not only does Wilko provide inspiration and encourage others to step out of the box and travel in his book, but it also has lots of very helpful travel tips. Everyone learned from his long trips abroad.

Even after my many years of travel, I received some very valuable tips while reading this book.

The Freedom Project – Travel – Recommendations

The Freedom Project logo

One of my favorite travel quotes of all time has always been …

"Don't think about what they're saying … go and see!"

I've always tried to live by the motto: Live for today and plan for tomorrow. We all have dreams, goals and ambitions. The Freedom Project – Travel is a well-written book on how to turn those dreams into reality.

Wilko will support you with his extensive knowledge on how to plan trips, turn these dreams into realistic goals and how you can actually achieve them. His invaluable travel tips will guide you from start to finish.

From planning to booking to excellent advice on how to effectively save money.

The Freedom Project - Travel

He encourages everyone to step out of the box and find out if you really are a tourist or a traveler. Discover how traveling can change your life in ways you never imagined. How to really immerse yourself in the overall experience and what you can achieve with it.

I really enjoyed this simple reader on Wilko's Zen Approach To Travel, and I know you will, too!

Below I have included a link to the website of the official author of Wilko van de Kamp. His website has links to his personal blog, amazing photography, publications, and more. Definitely worth the time to check out!

Living by Experience logo

✈ Wilko van de Kamp

Safe and healthy travel! ????

Signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of The Freedom Project – Travel was made available by and in collaboration with the author Wilko van de Kamp, you can be sure that all content and opinions belong to me and only reflect my personal experiences.

Did you know already …

"The most widely read books in the world are …
The Holy Bible, Quotes from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung & Harry Potter. "

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