Responsible travel tips for 2021

We all want to travel again and now is the time to do so more responsibly.

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Author: Jemima Forbes

The COVID-19 pandemic has likely put a damper on your vacation plans. However, a new report from Airbnb shows that more than half of respondents are ready to hit the road and explore again sometime in 2021. Restrictions of movement have made you rethink why and how you travel in the future could.

A change of perspective now means that many long for a vacation that enables them to reconnect with others or have meaningful experiences without having to go too far from home. The idea of ​​”responsible travel” is in the foreground for many people today …

What is Responsible Travel?

For Enchanting Travels, responsible travel means planning vacations that not only get amazing experiences off your bucket list, but also have a positive impact on society, the local economy or the environment. Ultimately, it’s about using tourism as a driving force!

There are many ways you can be more responsible with your travel habits. Your trip could focus on helping disadvantaged communities, protecting the planet, or simply becoming more aware of different customs and cultures. From offsetting CO2 emissions, to helping a conservation center, to participating in local community projects, there are so many ways – both large and small – to plan a responsible vacation.

Responsible Travel in 2021: Tips

Here at Enchanting Travels we want to make it easier for you to travel more responsibly in 2021 and beyond. Not sure what sustainable travel means? Let us show you some simple ways you can incorporate philosophy into this year’s vacation planning!

1 Stay closer to home

One of the best ways to enjoy eco-friendly travel is to spend your vacation near your home. This way you can reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. If you live in the USA, you can take an unforgettable road trip to one of the many outstanding national parks such as Zion and Yellowstone or to sunny coastal regions such as La Jolla or Monterey. There is also the option to jump over the border into Canada, Alaska, or Mexico to change scenery.

European travelers will find numerous vacation spots that can be reached without spending hours on a plane. Consider island hopping in Greece, wine tasting in France, or a front row seat to the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Swimmers in the X-Canche Cenote on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Central AmericaYucatan Peninsula, MexicoGrand Canyon, ArizonaHighlights of the Greece tourSantorini, GreeceNorthern lightsNorthern lights, Iceland

2 Choose sustainable hotels

There are many amazing accommodation options out there, but it can be difficult to know what responsible practices are followed like using sustainable products, properly disposing of waste, or even treating their employees. When you receive a suggested itinerary from Enchanting Travels, we label our responsible hotels and activities with the Enchanting Travels sustainability stamp so you can easily identify which of your decisions are the most responsible.

Consider booking a Travelife accredited hotel, a sustainability program that helps companies become greener and more social.

You can also do your part to be more responsible while staying at hotels by:

  • Keep your water usage to a minimum
  • Turn off your lights and appliances when you go out
  • Dispose of garbage properly (and recycle if facilities are in place)
  • Respect for the local employees and their customs

responsible travel in ChileTierra Chiloe Hotel & Spa, Chileresponsible travel in 2021 eco-lodgeBlue Footprints Eco Lodge, MozambiqueMai Chau Eco Lodge, VietnamDaintree Ecolodge, AustraliaDaintree Eco Lodge, Australia

3 Vacation in “green” destinations

No, we don’t want to fly into a lush rainforest or a green mountain range. By “green” travel destinations, we mean places that are actively committed to being more environmentally friendly in order to protect the planet and its people for future generations.

Good examples are cities that have chosen renewable energy options, drastically reducing their CO2 emissions and increasing the number of their green spaces. Why not plan a vacation in one of the greenest cities in the world like Copenhagen or Vancouver?

Being “green” doesn’t just apply to cities. Many countries like Costa Rica have committed to protecting their national parks – both on land and at sea – from urban development, pollution and deforestation.

Stanley Park, VancouverCyclists in Stanley Park, VancouverManuel Antonio National ParkManuel Antonio National Park, Costa RicaGrizzly Bear in Katmai National Park, AlaskaMonteverde Cloud Forest, Costa RicaMonteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

4th Selection of conservation holidays

Another great way to take more responsibility for your travel habits is to book trips that allow you to support the many wonderful animal welfare projects currently being carried out around the world.

If safari in the African wilderness is high on your wish list, make it a sustainable vacation by spending part of your trip at an endangered rhino rescue center or orphanage for baby elephants. For example, we work with nature reserves in central Kenya, including the Solio, Lewa and Ol Pejeta Protected Areas, which are committed to protecting and promoting the breeding of black rhinos in their natural habitat. On the coast, many of the boat tours we offer to observe marine life in the wild also act as vital research boats that house marine biologists who are responsible for overseeing these incredible creatures.

Ol Pejeta - Responsible Travel 2021Ol Pejeta Bush Camp - Responsible Travel 2021Dining tent at dusk, Ol Pejeta Camp, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. © Ian Cumming / / Ol Pejeta Bush CampOl Pejeta Rhino - Responsible Travel 2021Great Southern White Rhino next to Safari Jeep, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. © Ian Cumming / / Ol Pejeta Bush CampOl Pejeta Bush Camp - Responsible Travel 2021People having bush breakfast under acacia tree with Mt. Kenya behind, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. © Ian Cumming / / Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

An outdoor vacation is especially advisable in 2021 if you’re looking for fresh air and destinations where you can be a safe distance from other visitors.

Argentine Flamingos Responsible Travel 2021

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