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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania – The Roadside Guide to Clean Water, published by Penn State Extension, has received three awards since its April 2020 publication.

The publication, available online and in print, guides readers through the water management practices they may see and use in their own communities.

“We designed the Roadside Guide like a field guide,” said co-author Jennifer Fetter, instructor for water resource expansion. “People like to identify birds and trees by leafing through guides on walks. That’s why we’ve developed a field guide to help you identify water management practices. “

The publication describes various water management practices, including the storage and use of manure, rain gardens, and urban and suburban trees. Each double-page spread was co-authored by an extension teacher with experience in these areas.

Guide to clean water

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“You could see this book on a farm, in a suburban house, or in an apartment in a city,” said Fetter. “It doesn’t just target water management in one part of the state. It’s all about water management because everyone has a role to play in cleaning our water in Pennsylvania. “

The publication is intended to educate Pennsylvanians about these practices and to facilitate the work of individuals and organizations focused on this task.

“Sometimes communities, organizations, or landowners receive complaints after implementing good management practice or changing a management approach because it changes the look of the landscape, changes the way people can use certain spaces, or because of misinformation about the purpose or the impact of practices, ”said Danielle Rhea, a water resource expansion instructor.

“This publication provides science-based information in an easy-to-understand format that will help people better understand why certain practices are being used,” said Rhea, who played a key role in the design of the brochure.

The Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals recognized the publication with a Silver Award in the Long Publications category of their Outstanding Educational Materials Awards. The association’s awards recognize outstanding programs and materials, and submissions are judged for content, editing, graphics and design, as well as rating and impact.

The National Association of County Agricultural Agents also recognized them as a national finalist in the Publications category of their communications awards. This award program recognizes outstanding achievements in communicating programs and ideas to customers. The publication category is rated according to content, legibility, design and appearance.

The guide also received a Programming Team Excellence Award at this year’s Penn State Extension Director’s Awards. The Excellence Award recognizes sustained excellence in the consistent display of compassion; a cooperative, respectful and positive attitude; Excellence in the daily support of internal and external customers; and contribution to creative solutions to problems that arise.

To date, more than 2,200 printed copies of the publication have been distributed and the online guide has nearly 3,300 views. Penn State Extension plans to additionally distribute the guide at community and state-wide events.

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