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With April 22nd, World Earth Day this year, there really isn’t a better time to start thinking about how to be more responsible when traveling. We know you care about the footprint you leave behind. So let us show you how to explore the world with a lighter touch.

Sustainable travel is a priority for many people, especially when we book exciting vacations after a long time staying at home. Fortunately, you will discover numerous destinations where you can indulge in unique activities and sleep in sensational hotels – while minimizing your impact on Mother Earth. Whether you have a specific country or region in mind, or are open to eco-friendly suggestions, we’re here to show you our top locations for more sustainable vacations.

Responsible travel in incredible India

Wonderful wildlife and some of the most unique communities in Asia make India one of the best destinations for a responsible travel experience. When it comes to responsible lodging options in India, consider CGH Earth hotels, scattered from Kochi to Kumbakonam in the south. The family-run hotel group is known for its sustainable approach to protecting wildlife while preserving the traditions of the towns and villages in which the hotels are located.

When it comes to things to do in India, a tiger safari is definitely high on the list. The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is a prime place to spot these beautiful big cats in the wild. Despite its history as a former hunting ground for the Maharajas of Jaipur, it is now a haven for all types of creatures, from Royal Bengal Tigers to unusual species of birds. If you are looking for accommodation on the reserve, the eco-friendly SUJAN Sher Bagh is the ideal choice. The 12 luxury safari tents blend into the natural surroundings. You can also enjoy courtyard-to-table dining and private game drives.

SUJAN Sher Bagh, RajasthanTiger watching in RanthamboreMarari Beach, Kerala, CGH HotelsJaipurTraditional artists in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Sustainable travel in Central and South America

Huge expanses of wilderness and some of the most fertile areas in the world await when you book a vacation to Central America. The region stretches from Mexico to Panama and is home to some of our most popular sustainable tours. Here are some highlights:

Take a coffee tour of Antigua, Guatemala

Coffee lovers won’t want to miss a sustainable tour of the local coffee farms around Antigua, Guatemala. Starting in the village of San Miguel Escobar, meet some of the region’s coffee farmers before traveling to the foothills of the Volcán de Agua. The fertile soil of the volcano is littered with coffee crops and you will learn all about growing, harvesting and growing the crop. In addition, a member of the farming family will teach you a lesson in traditional methods of roasting and grinding the beans. You can even take home a bag of authentic Guatemalan coffee straight from the source as a souvenir!

Stay in a tropical getaway in Tenorio, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is blessed with a variety of wildlife, with sleepy sloths on most people’s bucket lists. Book a stay at the Rio Celeste Hideaway to see them and other wonderful species in their natural habitats. The eco-lodge is just a stone’s throw from Tenorio volcano and is surrounded on all sides by lush flora and fauna. Rio Celeste Hideaway is passionate about sustainability. The resort tries to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible by protecting and growing the rainforest. Almost 95% of their suppliers and tour operators are from the region. Additionally, Rio Celeste Hideaway is a member of ‘Pack for a Purpose’ – an initiative that visitors can use to help local communities by saving space in their luggage to bring essential items they may need.

Enjoy the lush landscape in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Although technically part of South America, Ecuador is near the tip of the continent and is a beautiful place to experience one of the most important landscapes in the world. Often referred to as the “lungs of the earth”, the Amazon rainforest is an important part of the global ecosystem. It extends over two million square miles!

Located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Napo Wildlife Center is a real adventure. Located in a remote part of Yasuní National Park – one of the most biodiverse regions in the world – the hotel offers eco-friendly lodges overlooking Lake Añangu. Typical activities include meeting wildlife up close and personal and meeting local Amazon communities. Alternatively, you can visit the Mashpi Reserve in the beautiful cloud forest of Ecuador. Here you live in a five-star lodge that supports the community with jobs and the procurement of food from local producers.

Eco-friendly accommodation in Asia

There are dozens of hotels across Asia that have put responsible practices in place, whether by becoming completely self-sustaining or simply making sure that they negatively impact the local community as little as possible. Here are some hotels with particularly admirable ideologies:

Rayavadee, Thailand

Rayavadee is located on the shores of southern Krabi and just minutes from idyllic Railay Beach. Rayavadee is a luxury beach resort with an eco-friendly ethos. Stay in luxurious pavilions or villas carefully built among the trees so as not to disturb the local wildlife habitats. Rayavadee also employs mostly locals to run the resort and regularly organizes eco-friendly projects like beach cleanings and wildlife protection trips.

Raya Heritage, Thailand

If you’d rather explore Thailand away from the sand, Raya Heritage is an excellent choice for a sustainable trip. The design of the Raya Heritage sits on the Ping River in Chiang Mai and is inspired by the simple and elegant legacy of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. You can find numerous natural materials that are used everywhere, as well as beautiful, unique furniture made by local artisans. All dishes in the Raya Heritage restaurant are sourced from sustainable sources. The resort also supports a variety of charitable causes.

98 Acres Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is no stranger to eco-friendly hotels. This includes the stunning 98 Acres Resort & Spa, which offers guests the chance to relax without harming the environment. The resort in beautiful Ella offers a selection of chalets, most of which are built from recycled materials. You can get around the resort on battery powered golf carts. You will also find that most of the furniture is handmade by local artisans.

Mai Chau Ecolodge, Vietnam

If peaceful Vietnam is your preferred travel destination, you can’t go wrong with a stay at the Mai Chau Ecolodge just outside Hanoi. Surrounded by lush rice fields, dramatic mountains, and wild rainforest, it is a nature lover’s paradise. The spacious accommodations at Mai Chau are run almost exclusively with renewable energies. Over 80% of the resort is outdoors, so you can make the most of its beautiful location. In addition, 90% of the workforce is hired locally, and the Ecolodge tries to buy materials – whether food or decor – only from regional suppliers.

Pool at the Rayavadee Hotel in Railay Beach, ThailandHotel Rayavadee98 Acres Resort & SpaMai Chau Eco-LodgeRailay Beach

Culture and nature protection in Africa

Whether you’ve always wanted to see a lion up close in its natural environment or are fascinated by indigenous ways of life, few places on earth offer as many awe-inspiring experiences as Africa. Sustainable travel is not just about being environmentally friendly. It’s also about preserving and respecting the traditions and cultures of the places you visit. Some of our favorite locations for responsible travel in Africa are:


Not only in Kenya you can meet the legendary Maasai. Neighboring Tanzania is also a prime place to learn about the cultures and customs of the ancient community, especially in places like the mountain. Kilimanjaro. Spotting the Big Five animals on safari is another top thing in Tanzania and an important part of our Zanzibar safari tour. Combining bushwalking in the Serengeti with beach time on the azure Indian Ocean is one of our favorite trips for responsible travel.


For a vacation that focuses on protecting wildlife, Namibia is an excellent choice. This South African nation is home to numerous rare and protected species, from leopards to psoriasis. Enjoy a variety of wildlife encounters during a bush walk or private game drive in the Okonjima Nature Reserve. Located in the Omboroko Mountains, the park is designed to be in harmony with nature and offer visitors the opportunity to experience some of the most amazing species in the world without affecting their habitats.

Maasai man sits on the shores of the Indian OceanMember of the Maasai tribeThings to do in TanzaniaStone town in Zanzibar, a UNESCO siteAfrican leopardExterior view of the Hotel Okonjima Bush Suite in Okonjima, NamibiaOkonjima Bush Suite

Celebrate Earth Day by planning a sustainable dream trip. Our experts are happy to help you create a responsible experience anywhere in our 70+ destinations around the world. You can also find out more about our responsible travel approach here!

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