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Simple Ways to Improve Business Travel

Dec 3


Simple steps to make business travel planning and travel easier include creating and keeping a packing list, sending itinerary to family members, and using luggage ID labels.

In today's society, business travel is frequently accepted as a standard aspect of many different types of jobs, regardless of the industry. While some people relish the opportunity to travel to different places, for others, it can be a complete nightmare to plan and execute. Fortunately, there are certain straightforward strategies that, when put into action, can help make business travel less stressful.

Streamline Business Travel Preparation by Creating a Packing List.
Saving a packing list on a computer, blackberry, or iPhone is a simple and effective approach to make preparing for a business trip substantially easier. It implies that whenever one has to travel for business, there is no need to be concerned about forgetting to bring along important stuff. Consider dividing the list into two or three categories, with one portion devoted to warmer regions and the other devoted to places where the weather is normally more relaxed.

In The Art of Organizing Anything, Maggio gives the reader with a convenient A-Z of travel necessities, including:

Airline tickets are very expensive (or e-tickets)
Clock with an alarm
Business cards are a must.
Reservations for a car and a hotel
Cheque book (sometimes known as a checkbook)
Credit cards (business and personal)
Obtaining a driver's license (doubles as ID)
Make photocopies of all of your important documents.
a bottle of water
Materials for the job and related papers

Additionally, having hand luggage that has been pre-packed with all of the basics would likely save a significant amount of time and stress for individuals who will be traveling on a regular basis for work. Keep in mind that some airports or airlines have stricter rules about baggage weight allowance and what may and cannot be packed in hand luggage. If you are in doubt, it is usually better to double-check the airline's website to reduce the likelihood of having to repack items at the last minute at the airport.

Using Luggage Identification and Itineraries to Make Business Travel Easier
Because there is a high probability that many other airline passengers will be traveling with luggage that is identical or similar to one's own, it is highly recommended that one purchase or create some type of luggage identification. However, while most airport stores will sell leather ID badges that may be attached to luggage, it is simple to personalize a suitcase or holdall in order to save money. It can be accomplished by simply putting a piece of ribbon or even a colorful hairband through one of the zips and tying it around the neck. Making your luggage stand out with a bright color can make it much easier to recognize it at the baggage carousel, saving you time.

Maggio (2009) also recommends sending copies of a business trip schedule to family and friends via email (particularly if you are moving around a lot or are away from home for an extended period of time). This way, if something severe happens while you're abroad, you can easily get in touch with someone.

It has already been said that having a stored packing list as well as pre-packed hand luggage makes business travel more accessible and less stressful. Additionally, it is highly recommended to either purchase or create some type of clear luggage ID to save time while abroad, and emailing relatives and friends with one's itinerary ensures that one can be reached quickly in the event of an emergency.

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