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Nov 15

If I haven’t mentioned it enough times, in a couple of weeks I am off on my first ever press trip to the most stunning place ever – Croatia! I’m visiting with Clickstay and could not be more excited.

I’ll be spending a week in Split with my boyfriend, my brother and his best friend. We’re staying in what I can only describe as the most stunning villa (I can’t wait to share pictures – we basically have a kitchen each it’s THAT BIG).

As I’m more of a city break kind of girl, this is the first time in years I’m ever having to organise everything for a week away, and even though it’s not that long I am the most disorganised person ever so I am VERY likely to forget something.


To be honest, I’ve actually started packing already. By that I mean I took all of my swimwear out of my small suitcase that I took to Majorca and put it in my bigger suitcase. It’s progress right?

My boyfriend is as disorganised as me so when it comes to packing I am more than likely going to have to remind him every day in the run up that he still needs to sort out some essentials. I know for a fact we still need to get sunscreen, beach towels, bug repellent and TRAVEL INSURANCE.


If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I lost my passport on my last trip and as I didn’t have any travel insurance it has cost me more than I’d like to admit to be able to fly back to the UK and get a new passport.

I have well and truly learnt my lesson and will be getting travel insurance for every trip from now on.


My bother is driving us to the airport as it was cheaper than the four of us getting a train, so we’ve had to organise airport parking for the week. If I’m being honest as a non-driver I don’t really understand how this works, but it’s awesome and makes the 4:00 am start much easier if I can just sleep in the car. 

Parking at the airport was only $57 when booking on


As my Nan lives just around the corner she is always happy to pop in and feed Dexter, my cat. He’s a bit of a diva and very needy so she always stays with him for a while, but if I was going away any longer I’d definitely consider putting him in a cattery so he could have constant attention.


I’m normally really prepared in this sense as I like to check in as soon possible and print off everything we need to go in my travel wallet. After my last holiday disaster I think my boyfriend or brother may be the one in charge of all the important documents though, it only makes sense…


I’m not going to lie, the area we live in isn’t perfect so I am always 110% sure that we’ve made sure the house is secure. We set our alarms (and make sure my Nan has the code) and make it less obvious that we’re going on holiday by leaving a light on and getting my Nan to empty the post box.

We also make sure that all appliances that could be at risk of starting a fire are turned off and that the house is okay when it comes to gas safety.