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Everything you need to know before choosing white quartz countertops

Nov 15

Everything you need to know before choosing white quartz countertops


Countertops, along with appliances and cabinets, are one the most expensive parts of a renovation to a kitchen. Because countertops come at a high price, you might find it daunting to select the right countertops. Today's post will cover my white quartz countertops. You'll also get all of my insider tips to help you choose the best white quartz countertop for your home. If you're not sure which one is best, you can use this guide to help you decide.


Here's some information you need before you decide to buy quartz countertops


Cambria Britannica Warmstone quartz countertops will be discussed. I love them. There isn't a single stain on them.


I will also suggest some additional white quartz surfaces. There are many types of white quartz. This can make it difficult to decide what to look out for when choosing quartz countertops.


quartz countertops in Wilmington in NC, are naturally occurring minerals that are installed professionally.


How do quartz countertops differ from other countertop materials?


They are made from 95% ground quartz and just 5% of polymer resins. Manufacturers will vary in the percentages but the end result can be very durable and low-maintenance. There are many color options. Quartz is more durable than regular quartz. It is also more resistant to chips. They can be made from man-made materials, so they have more colors and designs for marbling than real stones.


Is it true that quartz countertops can withstand staining?

Quartz countertops are virtually unbreakable. They can withstand stains and red wine spills. Non-porous granite is naturally antibacterial, resistant to bacteria, and can be cleaned easily. Real marble countertops are very difficult to maintain and are prone to staining. Water spots will naturally appear because real marble is porous. Concrete and granite are porous so can discolor.


You will find many brands and styles of quartz countertops. Some are bright white while others have creamer undertones. There are also veining options. There are many options for white quartz. These include white quartz without any veining, with flecks of different colors, as well as white quartz with significant veining and movement. The samples can be viewed in the light of your own eyes once you have taken them home.


Cambria Brittaniccawarm is our favorite choice for white quartz countertops. They're quite lovely. My favorite feature is the bold veining. It makes a huge impression, especially on an island. Also, the greige-colored veins add warmth and depth. I believe that veining hides dirt and spills. This makes your white counters seem cleaner. Brittanicca’s veining hides imperfections more effectively than you might imagine.

Quartz countertops can have both a high gloss and a shiny finish. On certain quartz countertops, a matte finish can be obtained. It can show every finger and drive you crazy.


What is the best way for quartz counters to stay clean?

We recommend using a moist towel and a little soap to clean our counters. Clorox wipes and Lysol countertop cleaner are also very effective. Avoid bleach and ammonia because they can cause the product to deteriorate.


Our countertops are stain-free, and still, look exactly the same as they did on day one. I found a small black ring in a coffee cup next to the sink. You should not be surprised if there is a minor or large stain on quartz. I was baffled at the reason the coffee cup left a mark on its surface, which is not the case with other cups in our collection. The only thing I could think of was that the base of the coffee cup was unfinished.


Quartz countertops cost how much?


They cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per square foot, if not installed. I have found quartz to be slightly more expensive than granite. As I said, the kitchen renovation's most expensive expense will be this.


We are delighted with white quartz countertops. They have exceeded our expectations. They are the center of the kitchen's design and make a powerful statement.[email protected]/


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