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You live the dream, travel the world and capture the momentous endeavor in all forms of social media, which means you have an arsenal of information with you to support and seduce your next great adventure.


They are travel bloggers and there is no shortage of them. It takes someone special to answer the call and get rid of the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary when everyone is traveling the world.

So it makes sense why so many have decided to try themselves as a point of contact for global trekking.

What follows are these particular bloggers that we are watching right now. It’s hardly an exhaustive list so we’d love to hear who you find the interesting person to go to when you want to get away.

Here are some of the best games right now, be they specialists in the written word or YouTube stars bringing the world to you.

I am Ailieen:

At 21, Aileen Adalid is a motivated travel professional who understands the modern traveler. Her blog is insightful and informative, and her reach on social media is great.

She even promises vlog updates on Snapchat.

Your recent post on various things tourists need to know about Japan is exactly the kind of article that would be crucial before committing to a solid itinerary.

Nomad mat:

A constant topic on many blogs is going to give you, the traveler, a recipe for doing what these adventurous souls do for a living.

The creator of Nomadic Matt remains one of the most popular releases. But it’s not all tips on saving and traveling. The website also offers lots of tips on how to enjoy your trip once you get there.

Rachel and Jun:

Rachel and Jun are a lovely couple who offer an American and Japanese perspective on their life in Japan.

If you’ve never heard of the two, you’re in luck because you can now enjoy hours of fun and informative videos on YouTube.

Seriously, if you are planning a trip to Japan this should be your first stop.

Travel up:

Working and living abroad is exhausting and emotionally demanding. It’s easy to glorify travel bloggers, but it’s important to remember that this life is far from easy.

Following Eric Giuliani gives you real respect and appreciation for the work that many of these writers and filmmakers put into what appears to be a dream job with no drawbacks.

Obviously, this is far from the truth. But Giuliani proves that it can be worthwhile if you keep pushing and making an effort.

New girls guide for Los Angeles:

Sometimes it takes a newbie to a city to reveal a new perspective on a city and its true treasures.

Jordan Brown is relatively new to both Los Angeles and the travel blog, but she has a refreshing take on the city she now lives in.

Her passion for traveling to all parts of the world is contagious and that’s exactly why we keep coming back to see what she’s been up to lately.

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A cruise couple:

Dan and Casey are two halves, a fascinating blog where they share and love tips and anecdotes from a life abroad.

They can get their great advice on their own website or on their TravelPulse blog, where they continue to share some of the best restaurants and places to explore in the world.

Adventurous Kate:

Ah, memories of Koh Lanta’s beach and sunshine – and this kickass shirt. The shirt everyone asked me where to buy it. You can get it from Airportag here: http://bit.ly/1OgoYBU

Posted by Adventurous Kate on Friday January 8th, 2016

After pondering Kate McCulley’s blog for a while, it’s easy to fall in love with her quirky writing style and love of crazy adventures.

Over time, McCulley becomes a friend you’ve never met and embarks on another journey that will no doubt return a hysterical story.

The blonde abroad:

Videos, articles, social media posts, travel tips and much more.

Kiersten has the knowledge that she has gained during her time as a world traveler with visits to over 50 countries.

Their website has a wealth of information, including travel-specific articles on topics such as glamping. And if you are fashion conscious, there are articles devoted to this topic as well.

Indie Traveler:

Marek is the travel blogger who could spark interest in the great unknown.

There is an obvious need for blogs that can give us tips on how best to wrap up and how to get cheap flights around the world.

Oh, you can find that here. But you will also find entries on places off the beaten path where travel becomes an amazing backpacking adventure.

Travel crazy mom:

The world recently fell in love with Esmé and her parents Karen Edwards and Shaun Bayes, who came up with the crazy idea of ​​taking her on a trip as a baby.

What we now have is a generous blog that offers quick advice for anyone wary of traveling with a newborn or toddler.

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Goats on the street:

Nick and Dariece are kind enough to share some of their exploits on TravelPulse, but we just have to direct you to their website.

There you will find so many pictures and videos to fuel your travel interest. It also offers tips if you feel like changing your life for a while and traveling for a long time.

Traveling with Bender:

The Bender family accepted traveling even after the birth of children. And as they state on their website, they haven’t been home in Perth, Australia since 2012, save for a couple of cases.

It’s another perfect website to explore when you feel like traveling but have your own brood at home.

Mindful wanderlust:

All of these tips are well and good, but what if you have a particular lifestyle that you might want to stick to?

Giselle and Cody prove that you don’t have to go without anything while traveling, because they remain devout vegans who enjoy every aspect of travel.

My life is a movie:

There is nothing common about Alyssa Ramos, who is quick to pour her own humor and style into her blog and videos.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you will be starving for the crucial tricks and tips found on other blogs. There is a wealth of knowledge to discover here.

Don’t forget to move:

It is important to pack with the obvious travel gear, but don’t forget the responsibilities.

This is one of our favorite blogs because it highlights how you can see the world without disregarding different cultures or nature.

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